"This does not end with merely acknowledging that their contradictory aspects are necessary for each other's existence. What we also need to include is their transformation into each other. In given conditions each of the contradictory aspects within a thing transforms itself into its opposite, changes its position to that of its opposite. This transforming into its opposite is what revolution is about....


"This is the full meaning of the identity of opposites. All contradictory things are interconnected. They coexist in a single entity in given conditions, under other conditions they transform themselves into each other. This is what Lenin meant when he said, 'how they happen to be (how they become) identical -- under what conditions they are identical, transforming themselves into one another." [Quoted from here.]


"The universe has not been created, but has always existed, in a process of continuous flux and change, whereby things change into their opposites, cause becomes effect, and effect cause. Thus contradiction lies at the root of everything. In order to get at the truth, it is necessary to go beyond the appearances, and lay bear the inner conflicting tendencies of a given phenomenon, in order to understand its inner motive forces." [Allan Woods, quoted from here.]


"Everything, which exists, does so out of necessity. But everything perishes, only to be transformed into something else. Thus what is ‘necessary’ in one time and place becomes 'unnecessary' in another. Everything creates its opposite, which is destined to overcome and negate it." [Quoted from here.]


"The relentless analysis of concepts happens to show that no concept has meaning on its own, its content includes its other, its dialectical opposite…." [Quoted from here; accessed 24/12/2015.]


"One of the laws of dialectics is the law of negation: Everything that exists eventually turns into its opposite -- even when, for a time, the outward appearance may have changed little." [Quoted from here. Accessed 16/12/2018.]


"This 'dialectical' logic of progress, in which each moment contains its opposite, is the key to understanding the system.... Yet negativity again turns into its opposite." [Quoted from here.]


"It is an important idea of dialectics that under specific conditions, things can make a transition into their opposites." [Quoted from here.]