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Summary Of My Main Objections To Dialectical Materialism


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[DM = Dialectical Materialism/Materialist, depending on context.]




Born Again Mystic


[Posted 03/02/2007]


This piece is in response to the brainless ramblings of a comrade (Mr G) who, it seems, can't help parading his ignorance in public.


Dogmatic Bumbler Tries Again


[Posted 04/02/2007]


More from our friend, Mr G.


Brick Head Strikes Again


[Posted 05/02/2007]


Yet more knock-about fun with Mr G.


Shrine To Mr G


I have collected together the above Essays -- and a few more -- at the above link.


The Old Appendix To Essay Seven


[Moved 21/02/2006.]


This page reproduces a debate between yours truly and several dialecticians over at Wikipedia back in 2006/07; it also contains my initial thoughts about Woods and Grant's execrable book: Reason in Revolt.


Response To An 'Autodidact'


[Posted 26/03/2006.]


Mr D, intent on showing how closed-minded dialecticians can be.


Another Response To An 'Autodidact'


[Posted 25/08/2006.]


Mr D is at it again: name-calling and name-dropping, but still managing to give logic a wide berth.


We can at least be grateful Mr D is consistently trite, but that doesn't mean the things he says shouldn't be issued with a health warning.


Ira Gollobin's Book


This page contains my initial thoughts about Gollobin's vastly over-rated DM-textbook.


Wittgenstein And Marxism


[Posted 12/08/2006.]


This Essay is in fact three shorter essays pasted together. I am only publishing it to defuse criticism of my appropriation of Wittgenstein's anti-metaphysical method -- criticism based on the erroneous belief that he was a conservative thinker. [This has now been superseded by the next Essay, below.]


Was Wittgenstein A Leftist?


This is a greatly expanded version of parts of the above Essay on Wittgenstein, which presents original research not found anywhere else.


[Posted 21/11/2014. Re-written: 23/07/16.]


Beginners' Essay


[Posted 29/08/06. Re-written dozens of times, most recently, 23/02/2017.]


In response to requests from several comrades I have published a highly simplified outline of my main objections to DM.


Anti-Dialectics For Dummies


[Posted 24/07/07. Also re-written dozens of times, most recently, 21/05/2017.]


For absolute beginners.


'Analytical And Dialectical Marxism' By Ian Hunt


[Posted 13/10/06. Re-written, 01/02/2012. ]


My initial thoughts on this seemingly important book.


Ex-Logician Soils Himself In Public


[Posted 17/05/2007.]


Socialist Unity Censors Debate


Dialecticians In Glass Houses


These two Essays were prompted by a debate that was censored..., er, sorry..., cut short, over at the Socialist Unity Blog a couple of years ago.


Engels And Mickey Mouse Science


Back in 2008, a letter of mine criticising Engels was published in the International Socialist Review. A comrade wrote a rather weak reply to it. This Essay is in response to that reply.


[Links to both the original letter and this comrade's reply can be found in this Essay.]


Unreasonable And Highly Emotional DM-Clones


This page contains links to sites where I have 'debated' dialectics with a wide range of comrades. Worth a visit just to see the extent of the damage that has been inflicted on the thought processes of those whose brains have been colonised by this Hermetic Virus.


Why All Philosophical Theories Are Non-Sensical


This is a very brief summary of Essay Twelve Part One, written for those with little or no background in Analytic Philosophy.



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