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Summary Of My Main Objections To Dialectical Materialism


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The following warning was originally posted on the opening page of this site:


For anyone interested, check out the desperate 'debating' tactics used by Dialectical Marxists/Mystics in their attempt to respond to my ideas.


You will no doubt notice that the vast majority all say the same sorts of things, just as most of them pepper their remarks with scatological and abusive language. In addition, they all like to make things up about me and my beliefs.


30+ years (!!) of this from these Dialectical Mystics has meant I now take an aggressive stance with them every time -- I soon learnt back in the 1980s that being pleasant with them (my initial tactic) didn't alter their abusive tone or their propensity to fabricate, nor did it reduce the amount of scatological language they threw at me.


So, these days, I generally go for the jugular from the get-go.


Apparently, they expect me to take their abuse lying down, and regularly complain about my "bullying" tactics.


These mystics can dish it out, but clearly they can't take it.


Given the damage their theory has done to Marxism, and the level of abuse they dish out, they are lucky this is all I can do to them.


[DM = Dialectical Materialism; NON = Negation of the Negation.]


Rarely do dialectically-distracted comrades diverge from the above, by-now-clichéd, stereotypical responses.


[I hasten to add that I am not complaining about this abuse and these lies, merely exposing the irrational nature of the replies I receive. In fact, I expect this response; if it were any different that would tell me I am doing something wrong.]


Why DM-fans are so irrational and emotional is explained here -- as is the reason why I expect this treatment from them.




Unfortunately, many of the links on this page are now dead, the discussion boards concerned having folded!


Here follows a list of the many threads at RevLeft where I have debated this 'theory' between 2005 and 2011.


April 2011: The Dialectical Mystics managed to secure a majority on the admin team over at RevLeft, and finally succeeded in banning me from their site. Since they couldn't win a single argument against me, and because there are no gulags left to throw me in, they decided they could silence me in no other way.


June 2013: Unfortunately, a few of the links below no longer work. The threads in question must have been moved or deleted. - Mao's 'Theory' of Change - Mao Zedong


The above two links take readers to a couple of excellent examples that show how desperate Dialectical Mystics become in their endeavour to defend their 'theory', at all costs. Neutral observers will find it hard to believe what they see! [At the second of those links above, begin on page three.] - Dialectics Made Easy Part Two - What About Metaphysics? - What is Dialectical Materialism? - Is Dialectical Materialism Practical? - Mao's Dialectics - @nti-Dialectics Made Easy, Thread Two - Why Are People So Against Dialectical Materialism? - Against A Materialist Ontology - Dialectical Materialism, Again - Dialectical Materialism - Why Is Dialectical Materialism Considered A World Theory? - Another Fatal Dialectical Defect - Should We Allow Philosophy To Destroy Our Faith In The Revolution? - Dialectics And "Ruling-Class Ideas" - A Thought On Dialectics - Lenin Refutes Newton, Again - Dialectics And Political Theory - Dialectics/Anti-Dialectics And History - Dialectical Materialism Made Easy - Out Of Sheer Curiosity: Do You Adhere To Dialectical Materialism? - Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis - Isn't DM De-motivating? - To Rosa -- Marx on Dialectics - Dialectical Phenomenology - Journal of Theoretical Dialectics - Ilyenkov's Dialectical Logic - Rosa and Zurdito on Dialectics - Anti-Dühring Again - Dialectics - Is Historical Materialism Scientific? - Is There a Marxist Philosophy? - Rosa's Letter to the ISR -- And Rebuttal - Logic - What is Dialectics? - Contradictions in Society - Objective Truth - Dialectical Materialism -- Does it Work? - The Dialectical Method - Marx and Contradiction - Dialectical and Historical Materialism - Anti-Dühring - New Materialism? - Is Abstraction Valid? - What is Contradiction? - Scrapping Dialectics -- What Would be Lost? - The Only Law of Dialectics? - A Question to Rosa - Did Mao Reject The Negation of the Negation? - 'Hegelian' Triad - Did Lenin Believe in Santa Claus? - A Question On Totality - Do All Things Have an Opposite? - Materialism Without Dialectics - Hegel - Stalin and Quantity into Quality - DM Gives a Scientific View - Quantity into Quality, Again - The Revolutionary Dialectic


[Many of the links below this point no longer seem to work properly,] - Mao Screws Up - Dialectics for Dummies - Dialectics 'Made Easy' - Stalin on Materialism - Quantity and Quality Dialectics for Kids - Where is the Mysticism? - DM: A Total Screw-Up - @nti-dialectics Made Easy - Dialectics - Beyond Anti-dialectics... Anti-materialism - Dialectics: A Deep Mystery Even to Dialecticians - Spot the Difference - Can Light-Bulbs Change Themselves? - The Opiate of the Party - Dialectical Materialism - More Fun with Hegel! - Dialectical Materialism - Dialectical Materialism 01 - The Dialecticians' Dilemma


[The above link no longer works. The 'Dilemma' can now be found here.] - Diabolical Logic Bites the Dust - DM: A Total Screw-Up - The Mystical Origins of Hegel's Thought - Lenin Refutes Mechanics - Dialectics: Full of Holes - How Karl Marx Almost Escaped - Undialectical 'Nodal' Points - Formal Logic and Change - Dialectics - Forces and 'Contradictions' - Anti-dialectic Dialectic - Eastern Logic/Dialectics vs. Aristotelian Logic - Modern Hegelians - Hegel's Curse - Dialectics Explained - Idealism vs Materialism - Dialetheism - On Contradiction (by Mao Tse-tung)



Other Sites


Another excellent example of the desperate debating tactics employed by dialectically-distracted comrades can be accessed here. See also here:


[Alas the above site has all but been abandoned by its admin team, and has now become overgrown with spam. I have been told it will be shut down soon. Indeed, it has now been closed.]


And here. [Unfortunately, this link no longer works, either!]


A particularly good example of just how unreasonable DM-fans are can be seen here:


Another excellent example is the following:


[Alas, this link is now dead, too! Some of the relevant material can be accessed via the links I have posted below.**]


In the above, check out the increasingly irrational tone of 'Mr G' -- a comrade with whom I agree 99.9% of the time over most issues, as he well knows --, and yet he cannot stomach my criticisms, or having the sacred 'dialectic' comprehensively demolished, so devoted is he to its Hermetic Mysteries.


**Mr G's 'arguments' are debunked here, here, here and here. I have even devoted a special page to him, here.


Here is yet another example of Dialectical Desperation:


Socialist Unity -- Yet More Dialectical Dunderheads


Readers will no doubt notice that the UK-comrades at the above site are just as keen as their mystical brethren are internationally to pontificate about my ideas without actually having read any of my Essays (indeed, numerous examples of this tactic can be found by following many of the RevLeft links posted above). Even so, these UK comrades, most of whom are fellow Trotskyists, are no less adept at substituting bluster, abuse and invention in place of rational argument -- all the while informing the world of the limitations of 'Formal Logic' from a position of almost total ignorance. They are indeed an excellent advert for the deleterious effect this 'theory' has had on otherwise radical minds!


November/December 2008 -- here, here, here and here are several more examples of this bigoted, DM-response (at the same UK site). The DM-fans there plainly can't defend this 'theory' without resorting to prevarication, lies and abuse. In many cases, they become highly emotional, if not embarrassingly juvenile in their responses to me.


January 2009: And, there is yet more gratuitous abuse (at the same site), here.


[See also my detailed replies here and here.]


January 2007: As if this weren't enough, there's yet more Dialectical Mayhem to be found at the following link:


Notice that this is an entirely different Forum, and many of the comments are posted by non-Leninist, or even anti-Leninist, comrades. Now, I have never 'debated' DM with these individuals before, but they still manage to make the same hackneyed points as the mystical misfits above -- peppered, too, with the by-now-regulation-issue abusive remarks, compounded by lies and other diversionary tactics.


2012 Update: The 'Libertarian' Marxists over at LibCom are no less irrational and abusive than they were back in 2007. Check these out:


Have DM-fans been cloned in a factory somewhere?


January 2008: Here's another recent example of mystical irrationality:


My replies can be found here.


[These links are now dead, too!]


The first of the above had been reposted here, but it now seems to have disappeared. The ensuing marathon discussion is a mixture of reasonable responses to some of my ideas from several comrades, inter-mingled with the same old dialectical abuse from others.


In fact, at the above site, the character who runs the (now closed) blog here has also attempted to 'debate' this 'theory' with me, and is still quite happy to insult me for no good reason, as well as lie about me and my ideas. Except, in this case, we meet a novel dialectical dodge -- and one I haven't seen before --; this character has become so desperate, he even denies I wrote these Essays! How he imagines that this neutralises their content is perhaps something only his psychiatrist can fathom. [Anyway, check this out.]


The other individual with whom I have debated this 'theory' (at the above site) is virtually unique, in that he maintained a comradely approach throughout, which I have reciprocated.


And here is another example of Dialectical Dissembling.


Yet more invention; yet more abuse. And all based on the convenient tactic of not having read my Essays!


No surprise there, then.


Soon after, I discovered this Venezuelan site. There, yet another comrade was quite happy to bad-mouth me even though, as far as I can tell, we have never crossed swords on the Internet before. In fact, so desperate has this comrade become, he has even accused me of being a Yankee agent! [This 'debate' ended prematurely when the aforementioned comrade was banned!]


December 2008 -- here's yet another example of the irrational and emotive responses I regularly receive from UK comrades (which also include the 'regulation issue' scatological abuse). [Alas, this link is now dead, too!]


September 2009 -- and here's a discussion (which manages to remain civil, for a change!) between yours truly and several academic Marxists -- the reader will soon spot, however, the usual, stereotypical  'dialectical' moves/evasions, but little or no attempt to answer this simple question: "What the hell is a 'dialectical contradiction'?"


I spoke too soon! No sooner had I written the above when an individual (who calls himself 'Juurrian') replied to an earlier response to him by me (comment 45). This character quickly adopted the by-now-familiar fib-strewn, abusive and scatological mode of argument. I had up to that point been pleasant with him, but that made no difference -- which only serves to underline the comment I made at the top of this page:


30+ years (!!) of this from these Dialectical Mystics has meant I now take an aggressive stance with them every time -- I soon learnt back in the 1980s that being pleasant with them (my initial tactic) didn't alter their abusive tone or their propensity to fabricate, nor did it reduce the amount of scatological language they threw at me.


The debate continued here, here, here and here.


In the next month so, I will add a link to a page that records the abusive and scatological language levelled at me by a well-known Marxist Professor of Economics -- Andrew Kliman -- who says, among other pleasantries, that I should not only be fed Hemlock, but that I should "Eat sh*t and die!" All because I had the temerity to question the 'sacred dialectic'! This just goes to show that HCDs can be just as emotive and abusive as their lesser LCD-brethren are. [The abbreviations "HCD" and "LCD" are explained here.]


In fact, I can't add the aforementioned link since the moderators of the forum where the good professor posted such extreme language deleted his comments since they were too vile to be allowed to stand.


[However, the page from which Kliman's abuse had been deleted can be accessed here.]


December 2011 -- I posted a few comments at the RedMarx board, and was promptly banned! Readers can judge for themselves from this thread the depth and depravity of the heinous crimes I committed against the Holy Dialectic, which led to my righteous expulsion. This is a typically incoherent and scatological response, which I almost invariably elicit from many of the faithful. [Unfortunately, this site has now closed.]


January 2015 -- A self-styled 'Marxist-Leninist' has posted a largely incoherent video on YouTube which attempts to defend DM against my criticisms, a video that contains nearly as many lies as it does words:



Video One: How Not To Defend Dialectical Mysticism -- 101


Visitors can read my reply (broken up into in three shorter sections) here, here and here.


December 2015: The same comrade attempted another dialectical dig at me, here. I responded to him in the comments section, and at my site (the links to which can be found in the aforementioned comments). He, too, seems incapable of defending his 'theory'. Odd that...


July 2015: Yet another Dialectical Dunderhead (who posts under the name "ravn") has attempted to take me on -- this time over at the RevForum -- plumbing new depths of ignorance, incoherence, and bluster -- topped off with several dollops of abuse: here, here and here.


February 2016: Another batch of dialectical inanities from "ravn", here and here.




Is there a single dialectician on the planet who can effectively defend the "world view of the proletariat"?


Or, who can do so without posting yet another abusive, juvenile, scatological, irrational or emotional response?


Seems not...


Latest Update: 24/01/20


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