Summary of Essay Twelve -- Metaphysics: The Ideology of The Oppressor


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Summary Of My Main Objections To Dialectical Materialism


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These are Introductory Essays, which have been written for those who find the main Essays either too long, or too difficult. They don't pretend to be comprehensive since they are simply summaries of the core ideas presented at this site. Most of the supporting evidence and argument found in each of the main Essays has been omitted. Anyone wanting more details, or who would like to examine my arguments and evidence in full, should consult the Essay for which each is a précis.


Essay Twelve contains the main thrust of the anti-metaphysical ideas promoted at this site, and thus some of my principle objections to DM.


[Incidentally, the characterisation of Metaphysics found here is consistent with the way Marx and Engels depicted it in their early work. On that, see here.]


Because of its length, this Summary has been split into seven Parts -- only those in blue have been published so far.





Summary Of Essay Twelve Part One: Why All Philosophical Theories, Including Dialectical Materialism, Are Non-Sensical.


[An even shorter summary of this Part of Essay Twelve's core ideas can be found here.]


Summary Of Essay Twelve Part Two: Metaphysics And Ruling-Class Thought


Summary Of Essay Twelve Part Three: The Social And Historical Origins Of The Opiate Of The Oppressor


Summary Of Essay Twelve Part Four: Linguistic Idealism -- Is The Universe 'Rational'?


Summary Of Essay Twelve Part Five: Hegel's Master 'Deduction'


Summary Of Essay Twelve Part Six: Hegel's Mother Lode -- The Dialectical Dope Dealer Brought To Book


Summary Of Essay Twelve Part Seven: Ordinary Language -- A Class Issue


I have in fact published an outline of what Parts Two to Seven will look like when they are finished; it can be accessed here.



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