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Politics and current affairs:


Marxist Internet Archive


An invaluable source of original texts.


International Socialist Review


Lenin's Tomb


First-rate essays on current affairs -- and much more!


What Next?


An original on-line Marxist journal.


Marx Myths and Legends


More-or-less what it says.




High-quality essays and commentary.




Great alternative news channel: The Real  News.




Eric Lerner's Site


Orthodoxy questioned.




Stanford Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Philosophy of Science


Gabriel Stolzenberg


An alternative look at the 'Sokal Hoax.'


Rupert Read


Many excellent essays, written by one of the best young Wittgensteinians around.


Hegel By Hypertext


The place to go if you want to score an overdose of Dialectical Methadone.


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