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In 'reply' to this, Mr D has sallied forth to prove that nature doesn't abhor a vacuum, at least not between his ears:


"I haven't checked the links, but am I Mr. D?

"You know, this is a sad case of Trotskyist obsessive-compulsive behaviour, i.e. of a Trot consumed by his (sic) quarrels with other Trots, and to a lesser extent his competitors among other Marxist-Leninists. It's pathetic.

"It's true that diamat -- at least as stated formulaically as it always is -- is a wasteland. Discounting also the inept forays of dialectical into formal logic, there are other more pressing concerns about what a dialectical historical perspective on social and ideological contradictions might look like, or what a dialectical take on Marx's Capital might entail."


The reader will note that, apart from abuse (livened up with yet more irrelevance), Mr D has no coherent response to make to my Essays. He still thinks I am attacking Diamat!


Except, perhaps, for this prime example of complicated Hegel-speak:


"Get a life, Rosa, or at least buy a vibrator."


Anyone notice any sexist overtones here? Or, am I being too much of a Trotskyist?


Well I have no need of a vibrator, just something beginning with D: a brainless object called a 'Dumain' -- which others misleadingly call a 'Dildo'.


Same difference.


Stop Press -- here is his highly intellectual response to the above:


"I am so touched.


"A whole page, just for me. It's the Trot version of Krazy Kat.

"Maybe I should revive my Dead Trotsky Jokes after a decade. Does your head have a hard-on or is that an ice-pick in your skull?"


Who says autodidacts don't have an inferiority complex?


And talking of small 'equipment':


"PS: I wouldn't fuck Rosa with Lou Proyect's gopher dick."


Now that would have been a huge improvement over Mr D's diminutive 'd'.


And all because I had the temerity to question 'dialectics' and the bona fides of traditional philosophy.


I plainly have no shame...


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